Patty Codd-O’Neill was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. She is the middle child of ten brothers and sisters. That being said, she knows the value of hard work, organization, and relating to others. This is evident in her real estate dealings. She listens to her clients’ needs whether it is selling or buying. As a Pacific Northwest girl, she has an effective combination of perseverance and Northwest tenacity. She likes to win and does it with a calm demeanor and a smile.

Patty’s past times are hiking the beautiful trails surrounding the Spokane area, cross-country skiing, kayaking, biking and swimming. Spokane is the place for all these fun activities. The description pf Spokane is “Near Nature, Near Perfect!”

Patty was passed the real estate torch by her late husband, Shane. Shane was successful in the Spokane Real Estate industry for over 45 years. Patty began assisting him when she retired from a rewarding career in design and furniture. She was the manager of a major downtown furniture store. She used her skills to stage Shane and other agent’s listings. It was a natural step to enter real estate . She continues to assist Shane’s clients plus her new clients and referrals.

Spokane has many historical homes and neighborhoods. Patty has been instrumental in renovating and keeping the historical significance in tact. She was also the guiding force in renovating the historic downtown Dania Furniture building. If she hadn’t had the vision that historic building might not be here today.

Patty knows and loves Spokane! Patty Codd-O’Neill is the person to show you Spokane like no one else. If you’re selling, Patty would be diligent in selling your home quickly and effectively. Most important, she recognizes the trust her clients place in her and she strives everyday to exceed their expectations!