I am the Managing Broker of our firm. I have enjoyed being a REALTOR here in Spokane since 1992 and have witnessed a lot of changes in our region over the years. I have seen insanely hot markets and I've seen scarily bad markets over the past 24 years. As everyone knows, our market suffered a huge downturn during the recession and that was definitely a time that tested my resolve to stay in this business. I have to say though that I found those hard times to be more of a challenge than a detriment. It just made me work that much harder to stay in the business that I love. The good news is, our market is picking up rapidly and we now find ourselves in a very strong (normal) market and the future looks very bright. I pride myself in having built a good solid relationships with my clients over the years which is what has basically kept me afloat in the hard times so here is a big "THANK YOU" to my wonderful, loyal "friends". I work very hard and my clients appreciate that. I also believe that knowledge is of paramount importance but I also feel very strongly that honesty ranks very high in this business, too. Over 90% of my business comes from referrals and to me, that means success. I plan on selling real estate for many years to come and that happens when you build your business on a good solid foundation.