My name is Joseph Montes. I’m a real estate broker and recruiter with EXIT Real Estate Professionals here in Spokane. In my other life I worked as an Administrative Law Judge and later as a Board of Industrial Appeals Judge between 2001 and 2013. I have worked in the real estate industry since 2013. Although I’ve been a licensed attorney in Washington since 1993, I chose to give up the active practice of law when I was appointed as a judge in 2001.

I chose a career in real estate because it is challenging and rewarding. It can be very difficult to determine the best price at which to sell your home, or to find the right home at the right price as a buyer. That’s particularly true in our fast-paced market.

I also enjoy recruiting talented people to work with EXIT Real Estate Professionals. The real estate market is red hot in Spokane and we need more great people to meet the demand.

My professional background has given me the ability to think creatively in structuring deals, to research efficiently for the best values on the market, and to negotiate effectively to get the best deals for my clients.

I’m committed to providing every client the professional service they deserve. I accomplish this by understanding the changing market conditions, being aware of the resources available, and having an excellent team of professionals at my disposal. But most of all, I accomplish this by listening to their needs, expectations and goals. I work with my sellers and buyers throughout the entire process.

On a personal level, my wife of 28 years, Cynthia, and I moved to Spokane from Olympia in 2008. We love the outdoors and the friendliness of Eastern Washington. I’m a military veteran and I have served on many community and business boards. We’re the proud parents of two rescue kitties, Maggie and Wednesday (that’s Maggie in the coffee cup above!)

I’m available weekdays, evenings, weekends and holidays. Our market is exploding and it’s important that I’m available and staying on top of changes for my clients.

Additional Information:

  • Joseph Montes is a licensed real estate broker in Washington State.
  • He is the member/owner of Joseph Montes Real Estate, Investment, and Business Services, LLC, doing business as “Joseph Sells Spokane”.
  • Joseph works as a broker exclusively with EXIT Real Estate Professionals located at 3124 S. Regal St., Suite 201, Spokane, Washington 99223.
  • EXIT Real Estate Professionals is part of EXIT Realty Corp. International which has brokerage offices across North America.